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It all started when...

After a successful season as a forestry firefighter, founder Erik Ander grew Dream Big Dwell Small on the idea of helping others become socially and environmentally conscious. Erik grew up with an award-winning architect father who submerged him in home construction projects from the time he was a small child. After Hurricane Katrina, Erik devoted a summer to head a crew to rebuild homes in the ninth ward, and later worked as an apprentice electrician on projects including LAX, Solar farms, Community colleges, and Universal Studios. Dream Big Dwell Small merges the safety and teamwork of firefighting with the precision and craftsmanship of construction.  DBDS hopes to shift away from the social mentality "bigger is better" towards the idea of self-sustainability. Adjusting to customers individual wants, needs, and aesthetics, DBDS works with customers to develop custom Tiny Homes. DBDS understands every square inch must be considered in Tiny Home Living. Modularity, practicality, and multi-use are essential ideas translated into Dream Big Dwell Small's designs.  We say, "If you can dream it, we can build it! (within laws of physics)". Here at Dream Big Dwell Small, we help connect you with your dream Tiny Home.