Minnesota Investment Property For Sale

If you’re looking for a promising investment opportunity in Minnesota, then you’ll want to check out this investment property for sale. Located near a college campus, this property is a prime spot for potential renters and investors alike. With its close proximity to campus facilities, tenants can easily access everything they need, reducing their commute time and increasing the overall appeal of the property.

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One of the most attractive features of this property is its size. With five spacious bedrooms, this house can accommodate multiple tenants or students, making it a great investment for landlords looking to maximize their rental income. Additionally, the property features three bathrooms, one on each level, making it easy for tenants to share space and live comfortably.

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The cape cod design of the property also adds to its charm and character. This design style creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that tenants are sure to appreciate, making it easier to attract renters and keep them happy. Whether you’re looking to rent out the property or use it as a vacation home, the design is sure to impress.

One of the most exciting features of this investment property is the possibility of a contract for deed. This type of financing agreement allows buyers to make monthly payments directly to the seller, making it easier to secure financing and invest in the property. This is a great option for investors looking to get into the real estate market without having to go through traditional lending channels.

Overall, this investment property for sale in Minnesota is a great opportunity for investors looking to maximize their rental income and build their real estate portfolio. With its close proximity to a college campus, spacious bedrooms, and charming design, this property is sure to attract tenants and provide a great return on investment.

1001 15th Avenue S, Saint Cloud, MN 56301